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We help drive B2B conversations through highly targeted lead generation.

Generate valuable B2B conversations.
Reach highly targeted businesses, connect with hundreds of professionals, and boost your sales pipeline.

Watch hundreds of leads flow into your inbox.

Our LinkedIn Lead Generator is a LinkedIn Automation tool that uses a drip campaign messaging strategy and LinkedIn’s search filters to help you engage qualified prospects in conversations that help you close sales.

From connection to close

No one knows better about your services than yourself and, therefore, no one is better at selling it. Our targeted messages and automation work to bring you into a strong conversation with your target candidates or employers so that you can make the placement.

Our Process


We assign you a trainer who is responsible for organizing and managing your lead generation campaign.


We build out a month-long list of your ideal leads using LinkedIn’s search filters.


Our team writes your drip campaign messages that will work to engage your prospects in a conversation.


We send out 75-125 connections per day from a LinkedIn account of your choosing.


We send out messages to any recently added connections from our list throughout the entire day.


Our trainer works with you monthly to ensure you get consistent, ideal prospects in your inbox that are ready to hear your pitch.

Hear what the President at Sales Search International has to say about our services within the first two months:

“Thanks for turning me onto LinkedIn Lead Generator! I would have never been able to do it on my own. So far, I have added 4,000+ connections with potential hiring managers in my niche and picked up 2 placements. ROI is great! Plus, more clients want to communicate on the LinkedIn channel so should be more money down the road. Thanks again, Doug.”

Like what you hear?


Sales Navigator or Recruiter Lite

Our automation is compatible with Sales Navigator and Recruiter Lite allowing you to manage your prospects in the same place and gain access to additional search filters.

Data Portal

Actively track how well your campaign is performing by monitoring, invitations sent, new connections, and prospect responses.

ATS Integration

Keep track of the prospects that you are in conversation with throughout your ATS by connecting our automation using API.

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