Evolution Plan

Evolve your online presence with our all-in-on website solution for modern businesses. Web design, development, and hosting in one affordable package.

All-in-one Solution. Personalized Support.
Build your new website, optimize it to perform in relevant searches, keep it online and secure, with monthly updates.

What The Evolution Plan Includes

Website Updates

Each tier provides monthly updates to change anything you need on your website. With an open line of communication, making updates is swift and easy. Included is an annual website refresh to keep up with industry standards.

Simple Web Design

The first step to our Evolution Plan is simple web design. Here we’ll work together to establish the structure of your website. We ensure to create a functional design that’s conversion oriented and user-friendly.

SEO & Analytics

With SEO, we direct search engines to your content, making it easier for users to find you. Over time, your website will climb the search rankings. Included is a dashboard to track your site progress and performance.

Why Not One-time Services?

One-time services are meant for quick, static projects. However, building out a digital presence requires a large amount of recurring attention that can soak up a lot of your time. Monthly services allow us to perform consistent work on your site without any delay from administrative work.

Websites are constantly changing, and there are always new sites working to outrank yours. Staying on top of these changes can mean the difference between you and your competitors.

Our Process


The Evolution Plan starts with discussing your digital vision with our development trainer, who will be your main point of contact on the development team.


We then develop your new site and ensure that it is live and secure with our hosting and SSL services.


To ensure your site is performing, we do a comprehensive run through your website’s SEO and map it with analytics to give you access to its data via our report portal.


Our development team will then be on standby for any changes that you are looking to implement into your site.


Every month we will automatically refresh your site’s SEO to improve how search engines index it and account for any new content changes.


After 12 months, we give your site a refresh to ensure that its design keeps up with industry standards and all of the content is ready for the next year!

T1 Evolution Plan
Monthly Cost
$225 / Month
T2 Evolution Plan
Monthly Cost
$325 / Month
T3 Evolution Plan
Monthly Cost
$425+ / Month

We are Here to Help.

Please contact us if you have any questions about pricing and our team will get back to you within one business day. Thank you!

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